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Created 7-Nov-13
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Bush KatydidBush Katydid, nymphKatydid nymphKatydid nymphBush KatydidKatydid on a bent blade of grassSlender Meadow Katydida meadow katydid, femaleNarrow-winged Tree Cricketa grasshopper nympha grasshopper nymphgrasshopper nymphShort-winged Grasshopper, late stage nymphTwo-striped Grasshopper, femaleNorthern Green-striped Grasshopper on a blade of grassA very small grasshopper on a blade of grassRed-Legged Grasshopper on a stemWingless Grasshopper, femaleTwo-striped Grasshopper, male

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Keywords:grasshopper nymph, grasshoppers, katydid, locust, orthoptera